Just finished this watercolor of a red bicycle parked at the beach. On my walks I see many bikes that people have used to get to the beach. Parking is often hard to find here in Fort Lauderdale so a bicycle is a great choice if it is too far to walk. This beach cruiser even has a basket on the handlebars.

Using Arches 140 lb cold-pressed watercolor paper, I stretch the paper and stapled it to my board. From there I did the drawing of the bicycle and the location of the tree. Starting with the sky and ocean I worked down the paper from the top. I did a light wash of raw sienna from the bottom of the painting working up towards the base of the tree.

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red bicycle at the beach watercolor painting

After the paper dried I started in on the tree and foliage at the base. Working around drawing of the bicycle I finished the leaves. There are a variety of greens in the palm tree fronds and smaller bushes at the base of the tree. After the paper was dry I painted the red bicycle and basket.

Red Bicycle Details

Genre: Landscape

Media:Watercolor paint on paper

Size: 10.5″ x 7.5″

This red bicycle painting will fit in a ready-made mat and picture frame.