9x12 oil on panel daffodils in blue glass vase PJ Cook

“Color of Spring”, oil on panel, ©2016 PJ Cook.

Here is the finished oil painting of the daffodils in the blue vase. I worked mostly wet into wet so I could only do so much detail. That is something that I’m working on. I am looking for more expressive oil paintings with visible brushstrokes. With wet into wet painting you can only do a few brushstrokes in any area or the whole painting can turn into a big wet paint mess. You can see the orange underpainting peeking through in small areas. #oilpainting, #daffodils

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“Color of Spring” Daffodils Oil Painting Details

Genre: Floral

Media: Oil paint on panel

Size: 9″x 12″

Below is the work in progress, the orange underpainting is half covered at this point. Compare to previous post here on my blog. #wip #oilonpanel