New Daffodils work in progress is an oil on panel. I started with a pencil sketch of the daffodils in a glass vase. Using a 3B pencil I gave some value to the flowers pencil sketch.


daffodils-drawing pencil sketch of flowers in glass vase


After viewing the sketch I decided to add a darker background to the painting. To see how a darker background would look I used a darker underpainting. These are the steps I used for this next step in this work in progress.


daffodils-under-painting oil on panel #wip

Daffodils Work In Progress

I painted gesso on an Ampersand panel for this oil on panel painting. After that was dry I did the pencil sketch of the daffodils flowers. I painted a transparent orange earth color thinned with odorless paint thinner onto the 9×12 panel. With a latex glove on I used a rag dipped in the paint thinner to wipe out the lighter values. I added the darks with the same earth color on the flower centers and stems and areas of the vase. Check back to see how this work in progress comes out. #wip, #artist