These 2 girls were having so much fun playing at the beach. They each had their own beach pail and were building sand castles. They were so cute I had to paint them. This Beach Fun is an original watercolor on 260 lb Arches watercolor paper.

watercolor of 2 girls playing at the beach PJ Cook


I did a pencil sketch of the two girls first, it had quite a bit of detail. You can see the pencil lines for the waterline on the beach. I used a small amount of masking fluid for the bathing suit straps and the water falling out of the purple pail.

I started with the background water of light thalo green, adding darker areas near the water’s edge. I started in on the flesh color when the background was still a little damp. I painted the bathing suits and hair next. I finished up the water with ultramarine blue and rose for the darker mixture at the water’s edge. The beach sand was raw sienna.

This paper had quite a bit of texture and you can see it in the image. The painting is 9×11 inch.