landscape painting of farm and small milk house,8x10 oil on panel 2016 PJ Cook

I decided to rework this 9″ x 12″ oil painting of the farm milk house. This farm in Connecticut is a favorite of mine and I have done many paintings from this location. The first version of the farm milk house I just was not happy with so I figured out how to improve it. The first place I looked was the composition and how your eye traveled around the scene. That needed improvement so I started there.

To improve the composition I opened up the center of the painting by raising the foreground tree. From there I reworked the sky and background hills. This gave a vanishing point for the viewer to go to in the background. Before this area was hidden by the tree. That change alone greatly improved the composition in this landscape painting. Next I increased the intensity of the foreground greens and lightened the area in front of the little milk house. The foreground sets the stage for this landscape now.

farm landscape oil painting of the milk houseTo the right is the first version of this original oil so you can compare the two paintings. By figuring out how to have better shapes and tweaking some of the color I have improved the farm milk house painting. What do you think?


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