Below is a floral work in progress done in a modified contour drawing. I kept the pencil on the paper throughout the entire drawing. It is not as difficult as it sounds. I was sitting in front of this bouquet of flowers when I did this sketch. Keeping the pencil on the paper I worked my way around the floral. Sometimes I backtracked over a previous line to get to a new area of the sketch. I think it produces a fresher, less detailed drawing.

Modified Contour Drawing

floral work in progess sketch done in a modified contour drawing


Floral Work In Progress

I decided to paint a watercolor of the floral with the clear glass vase. The lily flower had blossomed more since my first drawing above so I modified the drawing to feature that flower. Below is my work in progress of this original watercolor painting. Any soft edges were done wet into wet. My goal is to paint cooler colors on the shadow left side of the floral and warmer colors on the sunny right side. You can see the warm and cool colors in the work in progress watercolor below.


 floral work in progress bouquet watercolor painting

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