Dune Radiance


JUNE, 2016

Painting Techniques

Original Art

Dune Radiance is the finished painting from the “What is an Underpainting” post from June 20th. Sometimes when I go to the beach I’m struck by the brilliant color. The sand and ocean are bright and the shadows are a colorful violet. So that is what I put on canvas. Dune Radiance still has the yellow underpainting peeking through in some areas and this makes the painting glow.

Below are the first stages of the beach painting with the yellow underpainting. At this point I have started glazing color over the underpainting in the sky, ocean and sand dune.

Work in progress of a sand dune with yellow-orange underpainting.

I continue glazing color in opaque and transparent color. Stepping back and viewing the painting from a distance to see how it is progressing.

At first glimpse of the ocean I sometimes say WOW!

Sand dune radiance original painting 9x12 acrylic on canvas

There are areas of opaque color along with areas of transparent color where the underpainting can be seen. These transparent glazes have a radiance of color and texture from that initial layer of paint. That is where the glow is! Some areas I left most of the yellow orange from the underpainting, such as the palm trees.

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