JULY, 2016

Painting Techniques



Throwing all caution to the wind I painted this palm tree after viewing the fireworks at Ft Lauderdale Beach last night. It’s good to break from your normal painting routine and have fun trying new supplies and painting techniques.

Below is the completed painting on watercolor paper. This original acrylic is 11 x 9 inches vertical format.

Experimenting with new paints and techniques.

Starting with a drawing of a palm tree outside my window, I transfered the drawing to watercolor paper. The first step was to save the white of the paper. Using the drawing as a guide, paint masking fluid where you want to save a white line or area. Next pour 2-3 colors down the paper after misting with water. Prop up the painting to help the paint flow down the paper. Let this dry. I used high flow acrylics in hansa yellow medium, quinacridone red and ultramarine blue. These high flow colors are intense and it was the first time I have used them.

Used the Golden Artist Color High Flow Acrylics for the first time.

Using the colors that were poured, paint transparent color around the painting. These transparent glazes have a radiance of color and texture from that initial layer of poured paint. Finish with translucent paint that is mixed with paint color and white gesso with glazing medium in the consistancy that you desire.

When everything is dry remove masking fluid with rubber cement pick-up. Paint the white areas with a transparent color if you want to tone down the bright white paper. I used the color teal.

The possiblilities are endless with this technique. When you are looking for a new and fun painting technique give this a try. Let me know if you have any questions on the techniques I used for this firework palm tree painting.