Morning Palms


JULY, 2016

Painting Techniques

Original Art

Morning palms is a new 11×14 inch acrylic on canvas painting. I worked with paint that was transparent, translucent and opaque. Starting with a gold underpainting I painted the initial composition. Adding the location of the dune grasses and shadows was next. The clouds were painted translucent for the gold to come through from underneath. The blue sky was painted next around the clouds and palms, leaving a small edge of gold underpainting.


The grasses probably took the most time with layers of green and gold paint. The ocean was painted as an opaque layer. Lastly I added the sand colors and spattered paint for texture. A nice mood in this original painting.

Morning Palms, 11×14 acrylic on canvas ©2016 PJ Cook.

I continue glazing color in opaque and transparent color. Stepping back and viewing the painting from a distance to see how it is progressing.

I look for color in the morning shadows on the sand dunes.

There are areas of opaque color along with areas of transparent color where the underpainting can be seen throughout this painting. The transparent glazes give a pop of color and texture from that initial layer of paint. That is where the glow is! Some areas I left small areas of the gold color from the underpainting.

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