Red Barn In Summer


AUGUST, 2016


New watercolor of the Connecticut countryside. Pleasant scene of a red barn in the background of a large tree and fence.

Sketching on location is important to get the feel of a place. Draw from different locations, different times of day maybe even a variety of pencils and markers. Later when you arrive home look at all of the sketches done on location and see if one stands out. Try combining sketches, add one section to another drawing to improve the composition. I did that with this watercolor. The tree was a separate drawing. I added the barns into the background.

Red Barns in Summer, watercolor, ©2016 PJ Cook.

The big tree in the foreground demands your attention. The fence and rocks are common around farms. This turned out to be an accurate depiction of the farm. The 2 barns with the dirt roads with the windmill spinning in the wind.

“Draw from different locations and even different times of day”

Above are different sketches from the same location. These are quick drawings done in pencil. I am working on a larger drawing of the farm with the road sketch shown above. I have always been fascinated with the fence and gate drawing that is from the farmhouse next to the red barns. I will probably do a painting of all 3 sketches shown above.

If you have any questions about the red barn landscape painting or any of the sketches leave a comment or use my email to contact me. Thanks.

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