Walk this Beach




Original Art

Walk this beach to hear the sound of the ocean waves. Or maybe it’s the sound of the wind and the seagulls you hear. This original oil on canvas will bring you to the beach.

Great view looking down the shoreline with puffy clouds, deep blue ocean and sandy beach. Seagulls walking along the incoming waves and one circling above in the air. Inspiration for this original artwork is from the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. For work in progress blog post follow this link to https://studio.pjcookartist.com/2016/09/surf-beachscape-work-in-progress.html.

Walk this beach is an Oil on canvas of beachscape with seagulls and ocean waves 10x30 oil on canvas

“Beachscape with Seagulls” 10×30 oil on canvas, ©2016 PJ Cook.

Tall, narrow oil on canvas feels like you are walking at the beach. Hang this on your wall and bring the zen of the beach home.

Feel the breeze, hear the ocean waves as you walk on the warm sand.

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