Louis Lunch



Watercolor Pen & Ink Drawing

Original Art

After spending several hours at the Yale University Art Gallery I walked to Louis Lunch. The door was closed and a wet paint sign was on the door. I found out that they close the entire month of August for the last 109 years for their annual inventory of spoons. So I did not have a hamburger at the birthplace of the hamburger. Famous for their hamburgers Louis Lunch has been open since 1895. The only topping available at Louis Lunch is tomato, onion and cheese.

The building is quite small and obviously old and very interesting. The drawing below was done from photos I took that day. This original painting is watercolor with pen and ink.

Pencil drawing of the old brick building.

Above is the pencil drawing that gives me an idea of the layout for this watercolor painting. Below I have started the pen and ink drawing using a Micron ink pen in size 005. I’m working on a stretched Arches watercolor paper.

What, no ketchup?

Sand dune radiance original painting 9x12 acrylic on canvas

After completing the majority of the pen & ink drawing I started painting the watercolor. In the photo shown here I am using a size 7 Winsor & Newton round sable. I am carefully painting around the letters of the sign on the front of the building. The colors are warmer in the front of the building and cooler on the shadow side. I am leaving some white areas of white paper.

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