I love red geraniums in a window box. Blossoms framing the window whether you are looking from the outside in or standing inside the house looking out. This past weekend I worked on this 8″ x 10″ oil on panel of a window box filled with red geraniums.

The photo that I am working from is completely out of the sunlight. Usually I paint light and shadow in almost all of my paintings. This scene was in the shadows and had some reflected light but no direct sunlight. I wanted to focus on the white window with the flowers and box below. The darker brick building and dark green shutters framed this white window nicely.

The photo was taken in Mystic, Connecticut from last summer. My plan was to create a more subdued ambiance with a focus on the traditional brick house. The authentic double hung wood window and shutters often found in older houses in New England.

This oil was painted wet into wet over two days. It can be hard to paint detail when everything is wet. Often just one brushstroke is all you get if you want the color to stay clean. I used 4 colors plus white for this original oil painting.

Red Geraniums oil painting on panel

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