Picket fences and sunlit roses make a wonderful subject to paint. During an afternoon at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut I spotted these roses cascading down a rooftop. The sun was illuminating the top of the roses and parts of the picket fence and that is what I focused on in this latest oil painting.

Below is the initial underpainting done in a transparent earth orange. I wipe away paint for the lightest areas in the composition. Sometimes I start a painting this way if I want to establish the placement of values.

underpainting for Sunlit Roses, 11x14 oil on panel, original painting


The image below shows areas that I have started painting. The orange color shows sections that I have not started yet. I did this oil painting over a weekend so much of the paint is wet as I am working on it.


Sunlit Roses, 11x14 oil on panel, original painting underway


Below is the finished oil painting “Sunlit Roses”. I kept most areas rather simple as I was focusing on the roses. The fence was painted with just one horizontal brushstroke as I worked down each picket.


Sunlit Roses, 11x14 oil on panel, original painting

This original painting is available for sale unframed or in a nice quality wood frame of your color choice. Please send a comment or email for picture framing details.

Sunlit Roses

Size: 11″ x 14″
Medium: oil on panel
Genre: Landscape


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