palm tree with the beach and ocean original painting.

Latest painting done in a new art journal is a palm tree with the ocean as a backdrop. The painting shown above is done in gouache paint, or an opaque watercolor. This was fun to paint. My focus on this painting was getting the colors of the Southern Florida palm tree and aqua colored ocean.

Art Journal

It is nice to have a book with all your paintings either done on location or in the studio. You can even have several art journals for a variety of subject matter. Or just keep painting in one sketchbook until it is full. More of a timeline of your painting. It is also nice to make notations on each page. I know some artists that make notations of colors and details for a larger painting done later in the studio. Others write the location and date of the painting or sketch. Over time these art journals can become a treasure of information for your art career or a nice keepsake of places you have visited.

The art journal I used is a Strathmore 400 series with watercolor paper. It has a nice soft cover and a total of 48 pages. The paper in this journal is heavy enough for watercolor and gouache so there was no warping. Overall this is a nice journal for plein air sketching and painting. This art journal can be found at most art and craft stores.