Seaview from Lauderdale by the Sea features a bicycle rider viewing the ocean in the morning light. This original is in an art journal where I paint and draw local scenes. The paper is thick enough in the journal for watercolor and gouache paint. Below is the ink drawing before I added the watercolor. Starting with a pencil sketch to get most of the details. I will usually do a pencil drawing first, especially if there are people in the scene.

Seaview, 8x10 pen and ink on paper.

Pen & Ink

Lately I have been using a dip pen for inking. In search of a looser style I use the dip pen with a fine point nib. You can hold this type of pen in various grips. The ink flows with a flatter, more horizontal angle as well as more upright. Holding a pen with a light grip and with your hand on top of the handle creates a fresh style. Many of the pens already filled with ink often have to be held in an upright style. Put one of those pens in my hand and I will draw in a tight, controlled manner. Some people like that style, I am trying to draw and paint with less detail.

The ink I am using is Bombay black india ink. I also use a sepia ink on tan paper. The nib holder I am using is from my calligraphy days. In the past I have done quite a bit of calligraphy. I use a Brause handle that is double ended for 2 nibs.

Seaview, 8x10 pen and ink with watercolor on paper.

Add Watercolor

After the ink had dried I painted the watercolor. The strongest values are in the bike rider and bicycle. The morning light created nice shadows that I added with ultramarine blue with alizarin.  Using colors already in my palette of various greens and yellows. My focal point is the bike rider where I used cadmium red, alizarin crimson, raw sienna, burnt umber and ultramarine blue. The bench, water and sky has cerulean blue and a little teal.

An art journal is a great way to document your travels. Some people use various journals for a certain theme or medium. I use mine as ideas for larger paintings. If I like how a drawing or painting looks in my journal I may paint the scene in oil paint on a larger canvas. Either way it is great practice and a great way to grow as an artist. Seaview is one of the many coastal landscapes that I like to paint. The figure adds interest to the scene.