Sometimes I like to sketch in my art journal in watercolor with pen and ink. Today I did these 3 figures that I saw sitting on the grass near the beach. Afternoon Chatter is about 3 women having a relaxing afternoon. One woman sitting on the grass is off the left of the other two sitting in beach chairs. I liked the white space around these figures. It seemed to help the composition so I left any background out of the sketch.

Sketch Technique

Working in a 9 x 12 watercolor art journal I started with a light pencil sketch. My goal is to keep this light and not too detailed. Using Micron pens in 2 sizes I sketched in the pen and ink. I stopped and started the ink line, wiggling here and there keeping it fresh. When I was happy with the ink line drawing I erased my pencil lines. Lastly, I painted with watercolor leaving much of the white of the paper around these figures.

If I like how a sketch turns out I may add it to a painting at a later date. This trio of women may look nice in a painting for my beach series. Practice drawing as often as you can. You will see improvement in your sketches and paintings.


Afternoon Chatter Sketch from art journal.

Afternoon Chatter, sketch in my 9′ x 12″ art journal.