Long, vertical oil on canvas offers a slice of the sand, surf, and seagulls from the Atlantic Ocean view in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I painted the colors before me from an afternoon walk along the shore.

Rich blues in the sky and ocean, pretty violets in the skimming water on the sand. Warm tan and pinks on the beach. Visible brushstrokes create a lively seascape. Feel the wind as the seagulls are looking for food. Below is the view of the entire painting. This vertical format will fit on many walls and in many decor in homes.


Beach Scape with seagulls 10 x 30 oil on canvas original painting by PJ Cook.

This dramatic oil on canvas painting would make a great gift for any beach lover. I am currently offering a free maple wood picture frame with the purchase of this slice of the beach. Ready to hang on your wall. Click button below for purchase information.

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