Fort Lauderdale Beach, 11x14 oil painting by PJ Cook.

I recently completed this oil painting of Fort Lauderdale Beach. My goal was to use different color and values of the beach here in Florida that I have painted several times in the past.

Oil Painting Step by Step

I started out with a yellow under-painting over the entire board. From there I used a rose color to position the palm trees and beach. At this stage all the paint is thinned with odorless mineral spirits to keep the paint transparent. This stage can be seen below.


From there I continued adding the dark’s but leaving some of the under-painting peeking through. I wanted a rather bright ocean so I put that in early. Using violet grey’s I started in on the street and sidewalk from A1A here in Fort Lauderdale.

Below is 3 stages of this oil painting underway where you can see the steps along the way to completion.

Different stages of oil painting of a Ft Lauderdale beach.

When finished the under-painting adds a luminosity through the thinner layers of paint and in areas where I left it as is for a little pop of color.

Have you tried this under-painting technique? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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