All In a Day's Work, 8x10 oil on board marine art by PJ Cook.

All In a Day’s Work

Genre: Marine Art

Media: oil on board

Size: 8″ x 10″

Marine art is a favorite subject of mine. I came across this scene here in Fort Lauderdale of a young woman washing a boat. There were many boats of all sizes at the docks along the inlet and the 17th St. bridge. This woman worked efficiently, scrubbing and rinsing the exterior of this nice boat. After taking photos and a quick sketch I completed this oil painting back in my studio.

Marine Art Inspiration

There were great reflections from a large yacht that was nearby. The bright light reflected on the woman and created a nice shadow as she cleaned with a brush. She dragged a hose and brightly colored bucket around the boat as she worked. The boating life isn’t all fun in the sun. Many people are employed in the marine industry with all the boats here in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

A marker sketch was the first step as I figure out the composition and values for this marine art painting. I often post sketches on my instagram page, like the one above. Be sure to follow me at to see what I’m currently working on.