One thing I notice about the water in the Keys, is the sky and the ocean are the same value. Sometimes they are a different color but often the same lightness.

I painted this watercolor with that type of sky that moved right into the aqua-colored water. All you can see is the pencil line from my sketch where the sky and ocean meet.

This watercolor is done on a Fluid brand of paper. It is a block of paper with glue on two sides. The size is 6″ x 12″. I do like the brightness of this paper.

On this day, families were all set up for a day at the beach. Tents and coolers and all kinds of food were spread out on the picnic tables.

Many people were fishing and walking along the waters-edge. But I noticed a girl collecting sea shells and putting them into a bright orange pail. She was the focal point for this painting from the Keys.


Key West beach scene with girl collecting seashells in a bucket original watercolor painting.