I picked up 3 different color pads of toned paper for a beach art gouache painting. My first color was the toned grey mixed media paper. This is a Strathmore brand in 6″ x 8″ pad of 15 sheets.

I selected a beach figure carrying a lime green inner tube towards the ocean.

Lime Green Swim Tube beach art, 5x7 gouache on toned grey paper.

Working from my photo of Fort Lauderdale Beach, I sketched out the figure in pencil. If you look close at the image above you can still see many of the graphite pencil lines showing through.

Painting from dark to light I completed the figure and tube first then added the background last.

As a result, the warm colors do seem to pop off the cooler toned grey background.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of the beach art on the toned paper. I did get a nice color pop and the paper held up nicely. Next, I will try the tan toned paper with maybe a cooler subject matter. Check back to see how that works out!


Lime Green Swim Tube, 5x7 gouache on toned grey paper, beach art.