Using my watercolor journal, I painted this double page while sitting in my beach chair. I try to pick a view that may not change for 20 minutes or so. Sometimes people move out of the scene so I sketch quickly to get the large shapes.

Using a grey marker for the line and a small palette of watercolor I sketched on location. After the quick line drawing I added the watercolor. I kinda like the look of the grey marker so I will be using this again.

beach sketch with watercolor and line, PJ Cook, ©2019
Journal pages of a sketch done at the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With a little practice you will bring just the essential supplies for a nice watercolor sketch. My journal is 5.5″ x 8.5 that accepts watercolor. I brought a 3 inch wide slanted watercolor brush! It was so big but I wanted to get the large shapes in quickly. The huge brush prevented me from adding too much detail. I used the edge of the bristles for the smaller areas of the chairs and people.