Sitting Still


November, 2019

Painting Techniques Original Art

Sitting Still on the sand, watching the waves break along the beach. I wanted to capture one of these waves in oil paint.


Work in progress in my studio with palette and sketch.

One of the first steps before starting a painting is a sketch. Here I did a marker sketch in greys.

I continue glazing color in opaque and transparent color. Stepping back and viewing the painting from a distance to see how it is progressing.

Ocean waves are meditative.

Breaking ocean wave original painting 2 feet by 4 feet oil on board

Constant wave action, incoming motion then retreating. Some people listen to wave sounds to help them sleep. The senses are familiar to the view, the sound, the smell and even the taste of the waves. I suppose one can even feel the wave when it knocks you over in the surf!

This landscape format of 2 feet by 4 feet will look great over a sofa or anywhere a wide horizontal painting is needed.

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