Beach Radiance



Painting Techniques

Original Art

A surfboard sitting on the entrance wall in Ft Lauderdale on A1A. The sunlight creating violet shadows across the board and wall. A perfect beach scene.

Sometimes when I go to the beach I’m struck by the brilliant color. The sand and ocean are bright and the shadows are a colorful violet. The greens just pop under the brillant sun.

This 8″x 10″ original gouache painting is on illustration board.

The color and the light is a little different each day at the beach.

Sand dune radiance original painting 9x12 acrylic on canvas

I often start a gouache painting with transparent layers of paint. Sometimes I use watercolor or diluted gouache paint. Building the values, slowly working from the background to the foreground.

The surfboard sitting on the white wall that borders the entire stretch of beach along A1A was dappled with sunlight. I snapped a quick photo with my phone and painted this back in my studio.

This original artwork comes with a picture frame of your choice. Would make a great gift.

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