Original Fort Lauderdale beach path watercolor with a focus on the many textures and colors found at the beach.

Watercolor Techniques

Incorporating a variety of techniques to create a sunlit path I started with pouring layers of watercolor. Leaving the path a pale yellow and a pretty violet on either side of the painting.

Palm trees line the path to Fort Lauderdale Beach. beach

After that dried I painted the leaves and grasses with a combination of colors. I always paint with some of the colors that I poured on the background. Or adding the color in with new colors creates color harmony.

When everything dried I painted the bicycle. Using some of the rose color I painted the bike. The color was not popping enough so I added white gouache to the rose watercolor and finished the bicycle.

Color List

Hansa Yellow
Red Rose Deep
Thalo Blue
Azo Yellow
Ultramarine Blue

This painting is sold mounted to a lightweight board and then a finish is applied so it can be hung without the need for glass.

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