Benefits of Painting In a Series


JUNE, 2020

Painting Techniques

Original Art

Painting in a series is having a common theme throughout a group of paintings. It can be a common subject matter, painting technique, or a similar color palette. The ideas are endless for a painting series.

I started with Fort Lauderdale Beach for my first small gouache series because I am very familiar with the subject matter and wanted to see if I could add more variety to my paintings.

Getting Started on this Series

  1. Working on a half sheet of Arches watercolor paper I measured out 6 squares.
  2. To protect the paper I use artist tape around each square as I am painting.
  3. I usually start painting with a transparent wash to tint the paper.
  4. Most have a light pencil drawing depending on the complexity of the subject.
  5. I add heavier layers of gouache paint as I am painting.
  6. Saving some of the earlier transparent areas for interest.

Get up close and personal with your subject matter.

When you narrow down a subject matter one has to really work at making each painting unique. It pushes you to think outside your comfort zone and come up with new ideas. It almost forces you to get up close and personal with your subject matter.

In conclusion, painting in a series will improve your overall knowledge as an artist. With each small painting you can improve compositions, color combinations, or expand your techniques and brushwork.  Start a series today and you will be pleased with the results!



Video shows a time lapse of painting #4 in the Beach Series.