Ocean Bliss



Painting Techniques

Original Art

Waves Breaking on a rocky shoreline creates a vision of power, add the sound and you have an ocean bliss. This painting offers a variety of rock colors and values often found at the New England coast.

In addition, the scale of the rocky coastline can be seen in the small size of the people climbing around on the rocks as the waves pound the shore.

This 8″x 10″ original gouache painting is on illustration board.

A rocky coastline offers a nuance of colors and values.


I often start a gouache painting with transparent layers of paint. Sometimes I use watercolor or diluted gouache paint. Building the values, slowly working from the background to the foreground.

The rocks are painted in layers. Adding more paint as I build the value and color in the rocks. The figures add scale to the scene, without them you would not know the size of the rocky shoreline and waves. Lastly, the figures add interest to the painting.

This original artwork comes with a picture frame of your choice. Would make a great gift.

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