Below is a art time-lapse art video of Fort Lauderdale beach in Florida with palm trees that line route A1A. This is painted in gouache and watercolor paint.   Number 4 in a series of paintings of the beach. All series paintings are done in gouache paint, also known as opaque watercolor.

Ft Lauderdale Beach painting

Painting Techniques

As you can see in the video I start painting with thin paint washes and build layers from there. I often use warm yellows at the beginning stages.

This painting is only 6.5″x 6.5″ in size and I am using a 1 ” flat brush through most of the painting. This is a very important tip. A bigger brush helps block in the larger shapes in a painting and also helps you avoid small details. At this stage in the painting it is all about the basic composition and values. Save your small brushes for the end of the painting.

Ask any painting questions or comments below, thanks.