Tranquil Days


February, 2022

Painting Techniques

Original Art

 Sometimes when I go to the beach I’m struck by how the light and color is different from day to day. On this day the overall feeling was one of tranquility. Nice waves breaking and a fresh breeze with pretty colors. So that is what I put on canvas. Tranquil Days has a pink under-painting peeking through in some areas and this makes the painting glow. The under- painting is the first layer of paint applied to the canvas.

Inspired by a beach in Florida!

Beach oil painting, 30" x 40", oil on canvas, ©2022 PJ Cook artist

There are areas of opaque color along with areas of transparent color where the pink under-painting can be seen. These transparent glazes have a radiance of color and texture from that initial layer of paint. That is where the glow is!

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