Paint Soft Clouds In Watercolor


May, 2023

Painting Techniques

Original Art

In this watercolor demonstration of a sunrise at the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I show you how to paint soft clouds, dynamic drawing tips and how to paint palm trees. 3 Watercolor tips you need to be using to improve your paintings!

Inspired by a beach in Florida!



In the first video at the top I paint soft clouds wet into wet.
  • While paper is wet
  • Add darker cloud color
     Be sure brush and paper have similar amount of wetness
     You may need to practice this on scrap paper to get it right.
Draw in more details in the next video
 After sky is dry
 Draw with a soft graphite pencil
 Use your whole arm to draw
 Don’t bend your wrist
 Move from you shoulder
Paint the Palm Trees in the last video
 Use a variety of greens and browns
 Try different palm frond shapes
 Working out from the tree trunk
 Use palette knife to scrape highlights while the paper is still moist



  • Arches 140 cold press watercolor paper


  • 2″ Hake brush
  • large round 🖌 size 12 with a nice point
  • rigger or liner brush for detail

Use any brush that you are comfortable with. One big mop brush and a liner for detail would be fine. In the video I am painting the clouds with a 2 inch Hake brush. I often paint wet into wet clouds with a Hake brush so I cannot be too precise! Paint with a brush that you may think is too big. Your paintings will be more spontaneous and crisp.

Try these 3 watercolor tips in your next painting and let me know if any of the tips worked for you. 😊 Post any painting questions you may have in the Comment section at the bottom of this page.

Thank you,

PJ Cook