I tried a modified contour drawing of this old VW bus camper van that was parked at the Fort Lauderdale beach. When I say that I tried a modified contour drawing I was half successful. I intended to keep my pencil point on the paper throughout this drawing and I just couldn’t do it. There were so many interesting shapes that I wanted to get down on the paper. I ended up erasing a few lines. The drawing does have more expression than my typical style so I am happy about that.

This will be a watercolor painting with the ocean waves breaking along the beach. There is a fishing rod leaning on the old vw camper van.  In keeping with the expressive style I will be trying different painting techniques. There is strong values with the sunlight and nice pops of color on the old van so it will be fun to paint. Check back on Saturday when I will post the finished watercolor painting.

To view document explaining modified contour definition click here.

Old VW camper van parked at beach, fishing rod, beach, ocean waves pencil drawing

drawing on watercolor paper of old VW bus camper van parked at beach.



Drawing a VW Camper Van for a Watercolor Painting