February, 2024

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Masking fluid can be tricky to apply but when it’s done properly it is a fantastic tool for watercolor painting. In this new video, I demonstrate where I used the masking fluid.

Inspired by a beach in Florida!


 The gazebo and adirondack chairs are in the bright sunlight in this Florida beach scene. Instead of painting around them, I applied masking fluid to save the white paper.

On the fine lines and detailed areas I used a ruling pen to apply the masking fluid. I do dip into water first then into the masking fluid. From there I paint on the masking fluid. After that has dried I continue with the watercolor painting.

When the paper is thougoughly dry I rub off the masking fluid. Then I continue painting the highlighted areas with watercolor paint.

Masking Fluid brands I use

  • Incredible White Mask – Liquid Frisket
  • Winsor & Newton Masking fluid


  • Arches 140 cold press watercolor paper
  • Crescent cold press illustration board – occasionally


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Thank you,

PJ Cook

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